Decorate Your Car Dealership Floor With These Decals

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A car dealership relies on all sorts of catchy signage to relay important messages to its prospective customers. Large exterior signage can capture peoples' attention from outside of the dealership, while a variety of interior signage can provide useful information to help people shop for new or used vehicles. If you run a dealership, vinyl floor decals can be an asset for adding a vibrant look to your showroom floor while also sharing valuable details with those who enter this space. Consider these design options for custom decals for your dealership.

Tire Tracks

A fun design that will liven up the floor of your car dealership is a set of decals that look like vehicle tire tracks. You can use this idea in a number of different ways, including to help people navigate the space. For example, if you have a children's play area that kids can visit while their parents speak to your sales staff, you might have a set of tire track decals that lead from the center of the showroom to the play area. You'll also want to use graphics with appropriate wording. In this case, a graphic might read, "Follow the tracks to our play area."

Dealership Awards

Your dealership may have won several awards in recent years for its sales numbers. Making prospective customers aware of these awards can help them to feel confident that they've walked into the right dealership. Another option for vinyl floor decals is to have different graphics designed that depict each of the awards that you've won. You can then arrange these graphics on the floor in a specific area. You may even wish to use another graphic to give the area a special name. As people walk over the award decals, they'll ideally be impressed with what your organization has accomplished.

Salesperson Profiles

Car dealerships often profile their salespersons to help prospective customers get to know them better. While it's common to have salesperson profiles hanging on the wall, a fun and unique option is to design custom floor decals for this purpose. You can take all sorts of different approaches. One option is to hire a local cartoonist to create caricatures of each of your sales staff, and then send these images to your signage company so that it can create a graphic for each sales staff. The graphics could feature the image, how long the person has been with the company, and provide a few of their hobbies outside of work.

For more information about floor decals contact a signage company near you.

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