Personalized Die-Cut Stickers That A Gun Range Can Use

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Die-cut stickers can be a good product to order when you operate a gun range. As with any business, you're likely keen on increasing your gun range's exposure in the community and having stickers that are available to your members can be an effective way to accomplish this goal. There are many different ways that you can get your stickers into the hands of your members. For example, you might include a handful of stickers for new members, or give stickers to current members who bring friends to the range to join. Here are three types of personalized die-cut stickers that you might wish to order for your gun range.

Logo Sticker

You'll definitely want to speak to a custom sticker company about printing some die-cut stickers that depict your gun range's logo. This is a simple and effective way to raise exposure for your location. For example, you may find that your members place this type of sticker on their gun cases, which can lead to other people inquiring about the range upon noticing the case and the sticker. This sticker design should feature your logo, your phone number, and your website so that non-members who see it can learn more about your range if they're interested.

Gun Slogan Sticker

Another approach that you can take is to think of different gun-related slogans that you can get printed on die-cut stickers. Slogans that are witty can be effective, as your members may be keen to display these stickers on their vehicles and in other locations, including on their gun safes at home. One simple idea is, "I'd Rather Be Shooting At," followed by the name of your range. In addition to being catchy, this type of sticker design is also self-promotional, which can be effective.

Target Sticker

You may also wish to think about ordering stickers that are in the shapes of the targets that you use at your gun range. While some gun ranges use circular bullseye targets, many others use those that depict the silhouette of a human figure. On this shape, you might include some holes that look as though someone has successfully hit the target. You can then give these target stickers out to your members upon them completing certain shooting challenges. For example, if you have a shooting league at your range, these stickers can be prizes for those who earn a top place in the league each week.

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